How do I restore my default Launchpad settings?

This article applies to the following:
 Email Manager for Outlook
Email Manager for Outlook

Using Colligo Administrator, IT managers can push Launchpad Groups, Buttons, and Items to specific groups of users in Colligo Email Manager for Outlook. After a period of time has elapsed, managers may want to change or restore the original Launchpad settings.

This is done by adding the following setting to the Colligo Configuration list in Colligo Administrator:

  • Title: Launchpad Restore Defaults
  • Applicability: add the groups or users who you want to have access to the setting; if you leave this blank, all users have access to the setting
  • Application: choose Email Manager from the drop-down list
  • Configuration Site Reference: not applicable for this setting
  • Value: this setting does not require a value; you can use this field to add notes regarding any changes in the setting

User-created Groups, Buttons, and Items are not changed. Each instance of this setting is handled by an Outlook client on start-up only once. To re-use this setting more than once, delete it and re-add it.

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