Which SharePoint web-services does Contributor Pro 6.x use?

This article applies to the following:
6.x Email Manager for Outlook, Briefcase for Windows, Contributor Pro

The following SharePoint web-services are referenced by Email Manager for Outlook:

  • Authentication.asmx
  • Author.dll (FrontPage server extension)
  • Client.svc (SharePoint Client Object Model)
  • Dws.asmx
  • Lists.asmx
  • OfficialFile.asmx
  • Search.asmx
  • SiteData.asmx
  • Sites.asmx
  • Versions.asmx (version 6.1 and higher)
  • TaxonomyClientService.asmx
  • UserGroup.asmx
  • Views.asmx
  • Webs.asmx

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