How do I enable different search methods in Email Manager for Outlook?

This article applies to:
 Email Manager for Outlook
6.x Email Manager for Outlook

For Email Manager for Outlook there is a registry key available to enable different kinds of search. The default search behavior is SQL/Enterprise. The new registry key can enable Keyword search or FAST search.

Add the following key to the registry: Colligo/Search/

Add a String Value to the key with a Value name of: SearchMode

Use one of the following values in the Value data field to enable the search method that corresponds to your configuration:

  • 0 (Keyword search)
  • 1 (SQL/EnterpriseSearch)
  • 2 (FAST Search)

NOTE: if you have implemented FAST for SharePoint 2013, you must set the Email Manager for Outlook search mode to 2 (FAST) for the product to function properly.

NOTE: for information about possible registry paths, see here.

The following list details which search is compatible with which version of SharePoint:

  • SharePoint Foundation 2010: Basic/Keyword
  • SharePoint Server Standard 2010: SQL/Enterprise Search
  • SharePoint Server Enterprise 2010: SQL/Enterprise Search
  • SharePoint Server with FAST 2010: FAST
  • SharePoint 2013: KQL (Keyword)

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