Why are server-side asynchronous event handlers causing data inconsistency?

This article applies to:
 Briefcase for Windows, Email Manager for Outlook
6.x Briefcase for Windows, Contributor Pro, Email Manager for Outlook

Issue: Event handlers can be attached to a number of SharePoint Events. When Engage applies changes to a list item (either through updating or adding a new item) the metadata is uploaded to SharePoint and metadata is retrieved from SharePoint. If the SharePoint site has been configured to use asynchronous event handlers, Engage may not be able to read the updated metadata.

Resolution: Colligo recommends using synchronous event handlers. However, certain business processes may make this impractical. In this case, SharePoint asynchronous event handler developers must be sure to increase the Item Version Number. Contributor Pro detects the new item version on the next synchronization and downloads the updated metadata.

Common Event handlers:

  • Synchronous event handler: ItemAdding
  •  Asynchronous event handler: ItemAdded

For details of SharePoint Item Events click here.


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