How do I disable Briefcase for Windows system tray notifications?

This article applies to the following:
7.x Briefcase for Windows
6.x Briefcase for Windows

Briefcase for Windows provides pop-up notifications from the system tray to alert you to any sync errors that occurred. If you would like to disable the notifications, you can do so from your Control Panel:

1. Navigate to: Control Panel > Notification Area Icons.

2. Scroll down in the list to Colligo Engage Client (Colligo Briefcase for Windows).

3. Click the drop-down menu to show the options for display:

  • Only show notifications
  • Show icon and notifications
  • Hide icon and notifications

NOTE: If the drop-down menus are all greyed out, uncheck the box: Always show all icons and notifications on the taskbar.

4. Click OK to apply your changes.

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