How does attachment extraction work in Email Manager for Outlook?

This article applies to:
7.x Email Manager for Outlook, Briefcase for Windows

When uploading an email to SharePoint, you may want to be able to force attachments to be split out from the email. In order to enable this functionality you must first add in the ExtractAttachments registry value, a link is located at the bottom of this article. Listed below is a step by step workflow of how the attachment extraction feature works.

Step 1: Select an email with attachments and preform a Move, Copy, or Drag and Drop to a SharePoint location within your Colligo PST.

Step 2: Once the Edit Properties Dialog box appears all of the attachments should be separated into different items. Fill in all required Metadata for each item and select 'OK' once the required Metadata for all of the items has been correctly filled in.

Note: If you have an attached email file with it's own attachments attached the extract attachments function will not break out any attachments beyond the original email selected. The Test Extraction.EML file within the screen capture above has attachments located within it, but they will not be extracted.

Step 3: The Items will now be uploaded to SharePoint. Please note that any attachments will not inherit extracted email properties from the parent item such as “From” addresses. If you want to use an identifier to show which email message the attachments belong to you can use the Attachment ID Column. Please refer to the link at the bottom of this article if you wish to use Attachments ID.

Configuration Setting

For configuration click here.

Attachment ID

For attachment ID click here.

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