How do I setup Attachments IDs Column when using attachment extraction?

This article applies to:
7.x Email Manager for Outlook, Briefcase for Windows

As a SharePoint user I may want to be able to see what attachments were part of the original email when they have been split out on upload. In order to do so we must add a 'Attachment ID' column to our Email Mapping file.

This mapping works is a locally generated GUID will be applied across all attachments to the email as part of the metadata field on 'Attachment ID'. After an upload of an email with attachments where this is split out of the attachments the email has metadata that contains the GUID of the attachments. The GUID's of the attachments should be added to the column 'Attachment ID' which is a multiple-line text box and the GUIDs are added with a semi colon delimiter. (custom field name can be defined via remap)

Original Item

Items in SharePoint with Attachment ID

Note: on SharePoint, if the 'Attachment ID' field is hidden the metadata will still be applied properly.

For the information on the Email Mapping file click here.


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