How do I stop the Upload Status Panel from being displayed in Email Manager for Outlook (Connected Mode)?

This article applies to:
7.x Email Manager for Outlook (Connected Mode)

In the Connected mode of the Colligo Email Manager for Outlook we display upload statuses of items as they are being moved to SharePoint. This Progress pane is automatically displayed every time you start the upload, but with this new release, users can now change the behaviour of the progress pane so that it only displays if there is an error with the upload.

This setting can be modified by one of the two following ways:

Option 1: Change the setting via the Colligo Engage Configuration Menu

1. Click the Configure button within the Colligo tab in Outlook

2. Click on the Settings tab in the Colligo Engage Configuration window and Select either 'Always Show on Upload' or 'Only Shown on Error Option'

Option 2: Modify the behavior via a registry value

Option 2 is the recommended option if you would like to deploy this change to multiple users as it can be deployed either via a MSI property on install or a registry update via AD GPO, etc.

For configuration setting, click here.

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