Upgrading to Colligo Engage 7.2

Colligo Email Manager for Outlook 7.2 introduces web authentication to Colligo Console. If you are using Colligo Email Manager for Outlook 7.1.x with Colligo Console, additional steps are required when upgrading.

  1. Un-install your previous 7.1.x version. Your system may or may not prompt you to reboot. It is recommended that you reboot when prompted
  2. Navigate to the location of your local cache storage. The default location is at %localappdata%\ColligoOfflineClient\Storage5

    Note: If you have changed the location of your local cache storage, navigate to that location
  3. Delete the following folders:
    • Outlook_db
    • Windows_db
  4. Note: If you did not reboot in step 1, you may not be able to delete these folders. Reboot your system and try again
  5. Open the Registry Editor
  6. Navigate to HKEY_CURRENT_USER > SOFTWARE > Colligo > Contributor
  7. Delete the entry for CachedCcsCredentials
  8. Install 7.2
  9. When you launch Outlook for the first time, the Colligo Console authentication prompt will be different

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