How do I use Offline Search?

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Briefcase for Windows


Offline Search was introduced in Briefcase for Windows 7.2 and has been expanded in subsequent releases.

Users of Offline Search can:

  • search offline content downloaded by Colligo Briefcase for Windows
    • Content can be searched on metadata only, or on both content and metadata
    • Search with an exact word match
  • sort results by file type
  • hide duplicates based only on the filename

Note: File types currently supported by Colligo include, but are not limited to: PDF, DOC, DOCX, XLS, XLSX, PPT, PPTX, JPG, BMP, HTML and HTM.

Launching Offline Search

There are two ways to launch Offline Search:

  • Navigate to the relevant site then click on the Site Search... button
  • Right-click on the Colligo Icon in the System Tray and select Search

Using Offline Search

The Offline Search panel looks as below:

Enter keywords and then click Search.

To search content as well, check the search content checkbox.

To search with an exact word match, check the exact word match checkbox.


  • When exact word match is unchecked: If multiple words are entered, the search will complete an “and” operation. For example, “White House” would return “White House” and “White House Staff” but not “White Horse”.
  • When exact word match is checked: Allowed delimiters are: space, semi-colon, period, comma, colon, and line break.

Offline Search Results

Search results will be displayed beneath the search query. The example below shows the results for a search of both metadata and content:


  • Search results are limited to 200 items
    • If more that 200 items are returned, a message will display asking the user to refine their search
    • This limit can be changed with the Offline Search Max Items configuration setting
  • Search results will only contain files. It will not contain Folders or DocSets
  • Search results will return all file types stored within SharePoint
  • Search results can be sorted by clicking on the column header
  • If the search content checkbox was checked, results will be color-coded based on how the file matched the search criteria: metadata only, metadata and content, or content only
  • If offline content is guaranteed to be identical for identically named files, (identical file name, but different path), two configuration settings can be used to hide the duplicates
    • Hide Duplicates Config is used to enable the feature so that it is displayed in the user interface
    • Show Duplicates is used to specify the behavior of this feature. The default behavior is to show all files

Accessing Content from the Offline Search Results

To open a document from the search results, double-click it.

The document will open within the configured authoring tool. Once opened, users are able to edit the document and save the changes back to SharePoint.

Changes will be reflected in SharePoint when the user syncs to SharePoint

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