Configuring Additional Email Metadata Mappings

This article applies to:
8.0.6+ Email Manager for Outlook

Email Manager for Outlook maps email properties to SharePoint columns with the default mappings specified in the attached configuration file. To specify additional mappings:

  1. Modify the attached ColligoMappingConfig.xml file and add a row for each additional mapping.
  2. Navigate to %localappdata%\Colligo\Engage\configuration\metadata\, creating directories as needed.
  3. Place the modified ColligoMappingConfig.xml file in this location.
  4. Restart Outlook.

Note: It is possible to specify multiple mappings for the same message field; that is, the same field can be mapped to multiple SharePoint metadata columns. However, it is not possible to un-map a field.


If you wanted to map the Subject field to something additionally on top of Subject, you can add a new row such as:

<Mapping From="Subject" To="Léopard"/>

This would map the Subject of an email to the SharePoint field named Léopard in addition to mapping it to the SharePoint field Subject.

Deleting the default mapped fields is not supported, and the system will continue to map to this field. For instance, removing the entry:

<Mapping From="Subject" To="Subject"/>

will still map the Subject of an email to the SharePoint field Subject.


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