Emails not filing from Outlook mobile app for iOS and Android


When filing an email to SharePoint with Outlook mobile app on iOS or Android, using Colligo Email Manager for O365 add-in, the email header information is not extracted into metadata columns. Upon completion of the filing workflow, the message indicates the email will be uploaded shortly, however the email does NOT get uploaded. No flags regarding the filing (Uploading or Uploaded) are set on the email.


Microsoft made a major changes in Exchange server protocol when accessing the items from mobile devices. This update has affected Email filing capability when using Email Manager for Office 365 add-in on iOS and Android devices. 


Our engineering team is currently working on a hotfix to resolve this issue. This article will be updated once a resolution is put in place.

NOTE: This issue does not affect filing emails using Outlook for Windows, Outlook for Mac or Outlook Online using a browser.

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