What can I do if my template installation fails?

This article applies to:
 Colligo Administrator

The following error message may display if the template installation fails:

The Colligo Administrator template has the following feature dependencies:

  • CTypes
  • Fields
  • BasicWebParts
  • WACustomReports (SharePoint 2010 Web Analytics Custom Report)
  • AccSrvSolutionGallery

WACustomReports is enabled by default for SharePoint 2010 Enterprise Edition but not for SharePoint 2010 Standard Edition.

NOTE: This feature must be enabled at the site collection level.

The following PowerShell command will return whether or not you have the feature enabled: Get-SPFeature -Site http://<sitecollectionURL>

If the feature is enabled, WACustomReports will display in the list. If it doesn’t, run the following command: Enable-SPFeature WACustomReports - URL http://<sitecollectionURL>

Once the feature is enabled, add the Colligo Administrator template to the Solution Gallery again.

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