Why is my Colligo Briefcase for Windows icon not visible in Windows Explorer?

This article applies to:
Briefcase for Windows (Windows Explorer interface)
6.x Briefcase for Windows (Windows Explorer interface)

Issue: In Windows 7, the Colligo File Manager icon or the Colligo Briefcase icon may not display in Windows Explorer.


NOTE: ensure that your license key supports this functionality (eg. Colligo Viewer does not include this feature).

  1. In Windows Explorer, select Organize > Folder and Search Options. The Folder Options screen displays.
  2. Check the Show all folders box:

The Colligo File Manager or Colligo Briefcase for Windows icon is now visible:

The setting may be managed through group policies by configuring the following registry key:
Key: Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Explorer\Advanced
Value name: NavPaneShowAllFolders
Value: 1

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