How does Anonymous Access affect Colligo?

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 Briefcase for Windows, Contributor Pro, Email Manager for Outlook

Issue: Anonymous access may be enabled on a site in two ways. You can specify that anonymous users can access either the Entire Web Site or only Lists and libraries. Depending on which option is selected, the following issues can occur.

  • Entire Web Site: In general, Engage is compatible with this site configuration. However, if a document, item, or folder is configured so that permissions are not inherited (through Actions > Edit Permissions), the item is unavailable to any users (even users who do have the necessary access rights)
  • List and libraries: In this configuration, the access permissions of Engage match those of anonymous users on the site, even if a user’s credentials should have more access rights than the anonymous user.

Resolution: If you want to allow anonymous access on a site, Colligo recommends configuring the site so anonymous users have access to the Entire Web Site. In this configuration, as noted above, it is recommended to avoid setting folder- and item-level permissions (since items with custom permissions are not visible in Engage).

If you choose to disable anonymous access on the site, and there are lists (or libraries) configured so that permissions are not inherited, you may find that  item


This Microsoft knowledge base article discusses enabling/disabling anonymous access on a SharePoint server 2013: to access click here.


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