How can I resolve a "Problem applying web template" error?

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 Colligo Administrator

Issue: If you have a SharePoint site that you migrated from 2010 to 2013, you may have a problem adding an Administrator site using the 2013 Colligo Administrator template. If you use and activate the 2013 template and then attempt to create a site with the template, the following error displays: 

Problem applying web template

This web template requires that certain features be installed, activated, and licensed. The following problems are blocking application of the template:


Feature Description      Feature Scope      Feature ID      Problem

ShareWithEveryone Feature      Site collection      10f73b29-5779-46b3-85a8-4817a6e9a6c2      Not activated

ProjectBasedPolicy Feature      Site collection      2fcd5f8a-26b7-4a6a-9755-918566dba90a      Not activated

This template can't be used for this site collection until the issues above are resolved.


Reason:  The 2 features ShareWithEveryone and ProjectBasedPolicy are introduced in SP2013, under the SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection Features and are typically activated already. But in the case of a site migrated from SharePoint 2010, even though the SharePoint Server Standard Site Collection Features are already activated, these 2 features are not. Deactivating and re-activating this feature set does not resolve the issue.

Resolution: To activate successfully, you need to manually activate these 2 features using Powershell or the web part.



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