Force Move on Drag-and-Drop

When this setting is enabled, emails are moved when they are dragged-and-dropped to a PST folder. Dragging-and-dropping with a right-click has the same results as a left-click drag-and-drop (no prompt).

Successfully uploaded emails are removed from the source folder. Emails that failed or were cancelled during the upload remain in the source folder. 


  1. When this option is enabled all copy functionality will be disabled from within Colligo.

Force Move on Drag-and-Drop

Applies to:

7.x Email Manager for Outlook

6.x Contributor Pro, Email Manager for Outlook
Registry Root Key Priority HKEY_CURRENT_USER
Registry Key Location ...\Contributor\EmailManager\
String Value Name ForceMoveOnDragAndDrop
Possible Value Data 0 The Default Drag-And-Drop Behavior setting controls the default behavior
1 Emails are moved when they are dragged-and-dropped to a PST folder
Default Value 0


For details on applying a configuration setting, please refer to the article How to apply a Configuration Setting.

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