Decryption of encrypted emails

When enabled, this MSI property allows for encrypted emails to be decrypted prior to being uploaded to SharePoint.


  1. This feature is only supported in Connected Mode.
  2. Encrypted items within an encrypted email will not be decrypted.
  3. When enabled, the maximum size of encrypted items is configurable as described in the article Encrypted Item Size Limit.
  4. >This setting can only be applied during installation.

Decryption of encrypted emails

Applies to: 7.1 Update 4+ Email Manager for Outlook
Possible Value Data 0 Disabled
1 Enabled
Default Value 0


Applying this setting during installation:

To apply this setting during installation, you can include it in a custom script with msiexec.exe or you can customize your MSI installer with the use of an MSI editor. Enter the MSI Property Name and preferred value as specified in the Possible Value Data field.

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