Product Lifecycle

Colligo uses a product lifecycle model to develop, maintain, and retire its products in a controlled and manageable way. There are five customer engagement states that a release may be in:


A Beta state is a limited deployment of a product that is still undergoing final product acceptance testing. Access to Beta products requires prior agreement and includes a commitment by the customer to deploy, use, and report on specific aspects of the product. Colligo uses this type of product state with early adopters to gain knowledge about the operational quality of the product and proposed changes. Beta products are not committed to be made generally available without further refinement and modification.

General Availability

A General Availability state is a product in Colligo’s catalogue that is available for purchase without restriction or limitation, other than normal business operations. Customers can expect the functionality is complete as published, operates in accordance to documentation, and is supported via Technical Support.

Limited Availability

Limited Availability is a product that, after a period of General Availability, is restricted to existing customers only. Functionality is frozen and only urgent, critical business affecting issues will be addressed. Access to additional product licenses is via account representatives and customers are expected to be planning for migration to the next release version within this period. Support plans are still in effect.


A Sunset product has reached a point where support is for current plan customers only and no plan renewals are accepted. While customers are still able to add additional licenses, they are expected to be actively migrating to a new release version. Only critical issues will be addressed.


A Retired product has completed its sunset process and Colligo has discontinued support for the product. No further licenses may be sold. Legacy customers are expected to have upgraded to a newer version release. Any support or customer service activity will be on a best-case basis and requires approval from Colligo management. Colligo does not commit to maintaining product images, installers, key generators, or documentation current with deployed environment.

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