Colligo Briefcase for Mac

Note: Colligo Briefcase for Mac was previously Colligo Engage Mac app.

Latest Release

Updated Version Download Release Notes
06-Oct-2017 7.5.0 PKG Release Notes

Installation Notes:

  • Colligo Briefcase for Mac 7.5 can be installed for all users of a computer or for a single user. To install for all users of a computer, an Administrator account is required.
  • Data migration is supported from version 7.2.x. To upgrade from earlier versions of Colligo Briefcase you must first upgrade your existing version to version 7.2.0. Alternatively, uninstall your existing version and install 7.5.0 as a fresh installation.
  • When upgrading from 7.0.2 or earlier, it is recommended that you first upgrade to 7.0.2, then upgrade to 7.1.0, then upgrade to 7.2.0, then upgrade to the latest version. Doing so will ensure that configuration and cache remain unchanged.
  • For users that will be activating with a License Key, please refer to the Knowledge Base article License Key Activation Of Colligo Briefcase For Mac 7.1+

Previous Versions (previously Colligo Engage Mac app)

Date Released Version Download Release Notes
18-May-2017 7.5.0 PKG Release Notes
23-Dec-2016 7.2.4 PKG Release Notes
09-Aug-2016 7.2.1 PKG Release Notes
14-Jun-2016 7.2.0 PKG Release Notes
05-May-2016 7.1.0 DMG Release Notes
18-Feb-2016 7.0.2 DMG Release Notes
07-Oct-2015 7.0.1 DMG Release Notes
02-Mar-2015 7.0.0 DMG Release Notes

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