Release Notes: Contributor Pro 6.2 SP2

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Release 6.2 SP2 – 6 August 2014

Resolved Issues: Contributor Pro 6.2 SP2 (build

68583446In Email Manager Connected Mode, look-up columns on sub-folders were not being populated. This has been resolved.
69883186When using the Save As functionality to upload to an upload-only location with a required metadata field, Briefcase for Windows did not update the properties and the file remained checked out until the user manually entered at least one required property field and then manually checked the document into the library. This has been resolved.
70695264Mapping the Site Configuration XML file to a custom location was not functioning correctly. This has been resolved.
70715372When modifying properties of a document in Email Manager 6.2.9 (Contributor Pro), the Properties window disappeared and then returned after clicking on the Outlook window. It disappeared again once a new field was selected. This has been resolved.
70717044Users were unable to drag-and-drop a folder that was empty into Briefcase for Windows. This is now permitted.
70716740SharePoint's List View Look-up Threshold was preventing users from opening a document from the search results in Email Manager. This has been resolved.
72469248When adding multiple SharePoint Online (O365) sites users experienced various Network/Server Error issues in relation to expired cookies. This has been resolved.
72470154The send-and-file feature in Email Manager was not functioning properly when a user was logged in to an account other than the default one. This occurred because only the default account's Sent folder was being monitored. This has been resolved.
72470408Some Office filenames could not be renamed in Briefcase for Windows due to the OfficeProperties.dll not being registered. This has been resolved.
72492448When right-clicking on a folder within a mailbox PST that has no email in the root folder, but had one or more sub-folders that contain mail items, the root folder was not created. Only the sub-folders and items within were moved into the SharePoint library. This has been resolved.
73561148If a SharePoint library URL name starts with the same name as its parent Site URL name, then a user attempts to attach a document or link from that library via Email Manager, the attachment fails and the link URL is incorrect. This has now been resolved.

Known Issues: Contributor Pro 6.2 SP2 (build

75129020When using Briefcase for Windows to upload an .XLS file type to a location, an additional metadata prompt may appear for the temporary file. This is dependent on how quickly the computer can process the temporary file. The workaround is to cancel or close the metadata prompt for the unwanted temporary file.
75210574When using Email Manager to attach or link a document where the filename contains "++" and where site name URL is duplicated at the start of library name URL, the operation will fail.

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