Release Notes: iOS 3.6

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New Features Release 3.6

Release 3.6 23-Nov-2013

Reference Description
42688623 Briefcase now integrates with Office2HD. You can open a Microsoft Office document in the app, make edits, and save it back to Briefcase.
Note: the most current version of Office2HD is required.
42688847 Briefcase now supports two different PDF navigation methods: continuous view and page-by-page. You can switch back and forth between modes as preferred.
44847297 The name of the last user to modify a document now displays by default in the filename list view.
45255427 Colligo Administrator can now push specific lists and libraries to users, rather than an entire site.
Note: this feature is only supported on Colligo Administrator version 1.3.
55433186 Briefcase Enterprise now supports PDF annotation. You can now use typical PDF annotation tools such as drawing, highlighting, leaving “sticky note” comments, writing text, and striking out text. You can save the annotations back to SharePoint on your next sync.
55433302 Briefcase now supports PDF searching. You can enter search mode when viewing a PDF, enter a search term, and move between instances of the term in the PDF.
56913932 When searching, the interface now indicates that a search in in progress.
58668022 You can now apply SharePoint views to sub-folders in a document library.

Resolved Issues Release 3.6

Release 3.6 23-Nov-2013

Reference Description
56544778 The progress bar that displays when documents are uploading was sometimes missing in devices with iOS 7. This has been resolved.
57107348 In a Calendar if you created a meeting with a start and end time, and marked it as an all-day meeting, the resulting event spanned two days. This has been resolved.
57347198 When searching Briefcase locally, sometimes duplicate results displayed. This has been resolved.
57347838 When search results were displayed, the keyboard did not autohide. This has been resolved.
59072706 When viewing search results, if you rotated the screen, the search results did not display correctly. This has been resolved.
59442922 On an iPhone, when viewing search results, if you viewed a file’s properties and then returned to the search results screen, the results no longer displayed. This has been resolved.

Known Issues Release 3.6

Release 3.6 23-Nov-2013

Reference Description
59452144 The ability to push lists or libraries to users via Colligo Administrator is only supported in version 1.3. Organizations using Administrator 1.2 will require an upgrade.

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