Offline Search Display Fields

Sets which columns to display and the order in which they will be displayed. The column name should be set to the exact name within SharePoint.


  • To define multiple columns, separate the columns with a semicolon (;)
      • Up to 17 fields can be specified - any extra entries will be ignored
      • It is recommended that no more than 7 fields be specified
  • A user-friendly label can be specified after the field name with a pipe (|) separator
  • Special fields can be specified by enclosing the name in angle brackets (< >). Currently, two special fields are supported:
      • <StorageName> This represents the name of the file as stored in the cache and will match the file name on SharePoint
      • <Path>This is the path to the location in which the found item resides
  • The supported column types are: Managed Metadata, Choice, Text, Multiline Text, Date, Yes/No
  • Only specified columns will be displayed.

Offline Search Display Fields

Applies to: 7.2+ Briefcase for Windows
Registry Root Key Priority HKEY_CURRENT_USER
Registry Key Location ...\Contributor\Briefcase\SiteSearch\
String Value Name DisplayFields
Possible Value Data ColumnName
Default Value <StorageName>|Name;<Path>|Path


For details on applying a configuration setting, please refer to the article How to apply a Configuration Setting.

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