Hide Duplicates Config

This setting allows you to show or hide the option Show duplicates based on filename when searching in the user interface.

Note: This option removes duplicates based on the file name only. It does not include the path leading to the file. If two files are both called contract.pdf in the offline content, only one file will be returned. This option should only be displayed when the offline content is guaranteed to be identical for identically named files

The related configuration setting Show Duplicates, allows you to specify the default behavior for this option.

Hide Duplicates Config

Applies to 7.2.2+ Briefcase for Windows
Registry Root Key Priority HKEY_CURRENT_USER
Registry Key Location ...\Contributor\Briefcase\SiteSearch\
String Value Name HideDuplicatesConfig
Possible Value Data 0 Do not hide
1 Hide
Default Value 1 (do not display this option in the user interface)

For details on applying a configuration setting, please refer to the article How to apply a Configuration Setting.

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