Maximum Lookup Threshold

This setting adjusts the starting point for breaking apart requests when the List View Lookup Threshold (LVLT) has been reached in CFS.

The related configuration setting Remember Lookup Threshold, when enabled, tells Briefcase for Windows to remember (until the application restarts) that the LVLT has been reached in CFS.

Maximum Lookup Threshold

Applies to 7.2.2+ Briefcase for Windows
Registry Root Key Priority HKEY_CURRENT_USER
Registry Key Location ...\Contributor\Briefcase\
String Value Name MaximumLookupThreshold
Possible Value Data The minimum value is 6.
The value specified here should match the LVLT as configured on SharePoint. Going higher than that will degrade performance.
Note: This value will apply to all sites, so if you have sites with different thresholds, it will still start at this value.
Default Value 8

For details on applying a configuration setting, please refer to the article How to apply a Configuration Setting.

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