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As of version 8.0.7, upgrading to Colligo Email Manager from versions 5, 6, and 7 is automatic and is initiated the first time the application is launched. During the upgrade, configuration settings will be migrated from your older version to version 8.


In addition to the System Requirements, a Colligo Console account is required to use Colligo Email Manager version 8.

Supported Upgrade Path

The upgrade process will migrate a user’s configuration for the latest releases of:

  • Colligo Email Manager version 5.5
  • Colligo Email Manager version 6.2
  • Colligo Email Manager version 7.2

Migrated Configuration

The following items will be migrated from previous (v5, 6, 7) installations:

  • Site configurations: all sites will be brought over from previous versions.
    Note: Version 8 does not support connecting to more than 100 sites from within the application. Colligo Console does not have this limitation. Should you require more than 100 sites, please contact Colligo Support.
  • Favorite & Folder configurations: all Favorites and Folders will be migrated over from previous versions and will be available under Streams as pinned locations.
    Note: Structure (i.e. sub-folders & Document Sets) is not reflected in a pinned location. The structure is displayed under Sites and is accessible from a pinned location by right-clicking the location and selecting Go to Location.

The following items will not be migrated from previous (v5, 6, 7) installations:

  • Offline content will not be migrated. This content will remain on your local machine.
  • Customizations such as White Labeling and Move/Copy will not be migrated.
    These have been replaced by Colligo Console policies.

How to Disable Automatic Migration

To disable automatic migration, use the configuration setting Migration Behavior.
Note: This setting must be enabled before the application is started.

If you require further information, please contact please contact Colligo Support.

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