Service Bulletin For Users Of Microsoft SharePoint For Office 365 (2018-10-03)

Update 2018-10-26

Update 7.2.9 has been replaced with update 7.2.10, also available as an IPA file as described below.

Colligo Technical Service Bulletin (2018-10-03)

This technical service bulletin pertains to users of Colligo Briefcase for iOS who are also using Microsoft SharePoint for Office 365.

Issue Encountered

Late last week, Colligo Support became aware of an issue experienced by several of our customers using Colligo Briefcase for iOS in conjunction with Microsoft SharePoint for Office 365. The issue encountered was that content inside sub-folders or an implied SharePoint view hierarchy was not being synched to remote devices.

Investigation and Root Cause

Upon investigation, our team traced the problem to an unannounced change in one of the SharePoint API endpoints released by Microsoft in their latest Office 365 update package. Specifically, Colligo Briefcase for iOS uses a method called GetListItemChangesSinceToken which until recently scoped the entire Document Library referenced by default, but now defaults to only scoping the root directory of a Document Library. It is rare that we see API changes from Microsoft that change default functionality like this.

Corrective Action Taken

We have made changes in our going-forward codebase to override the new default. These changes are being submitted to the Apple App Store, but this process takes time to take effect.

Preventive Action Taken

  1. We have added more automated testing inspecting SharePoint API definitions in order to detect this specific type of change in the future.
  2. We are in conversation with Microsoft to identify how we can be alerted to these types of changes faster.

Our Recommendations if You are Affected

In the short term, until our new release can be deployed to the Apple App Store, we are providing two possible workaround solutions:

  1. If deploying Colligo Briefcase for iOS for the distribution of short-term published material, do so without deploying subfolders in your SharePoint site.
  2. An “IPA” file will be provided as an emergency update to Colligo Briefcase for iOS (update is numbered 7.2.9). This can be obtained by submitting a request to Colligo Support. Note that if you are not using the latest production version of Colligo Briefcase for iOS (7.2.8) then you should consult the release notes on the Support Portal to understand the additional functionality that has been rolled out since your last upgrade. This must be deployed via Apple Configurator or via MDM. If you plan to use an MDM we recommend consulting your MDM vendor first. For more information on how to use Apple configurator, you can use this resource site: https://support.apple.com/en-ca/apple-configurator.

If you have any additional questions or concerns, please contact us through the Colligo Support Portal at https://support.colligo.com.

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