Tenant Admin Deployment of Colligo 365 Add-Ins

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For latest please see this overview video of the installation process for Tenant Administrators:

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Colligo MS365 Add-Ins can be deployed by adding a manifest in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

Prerequisites for Installation

  • Office 365 Tenant Administrator

Installation: Deploying the Add-In

  1. Log in to the Microsoft 365 admin center.
  2. Expand Settings, select Services & add-ins, and click on Deploy Add-In.
  3. Review the requirements for Centralized Deployment. If they are met, click Next.
  4. Select I have a URL for the manifest file, enter the URL for the service you are deploying and then click Next.

  5. Next, Specify who has access by selecting the option appropriate for your organization. If choosing Specific Users/Groups, a search tool will appear.
    Note: You should include yourself in this list, at least temporarily, as you will need access for the next step.
  6.  To edit the deployment method (default: Users will not be able to remove the add-in once it is deployed), click View options.
  7. Select the option appropriate for your organization and click Deploy Now.
  8. Deployment may take a few minutes. When complete, a confirmation message will appear.
    Note:You may need to wait up to 12 hours for the add in to be available.
  9. Click Next and you are given the option to deploy to more users.
  10. Click Close and you are returned to theServices & add-ins . Validate that the Add-in you added is now listed.

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