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Throughout these Release Notes, Colligo Email Manager for 365 will be referred to as Colligo Email Manager for 365.

Release 1.5 - 29 Jun 2020

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.5)

UP-926Resolved an issue with pinned location which is not getting refreshed on first time, if user check/uncheck the show or expand in application settings.
UP-929Resolved an issue with trial users getting "Add-in Error" when launching EMO.
UP-932Resolved the blank space issue which is showing up when "Open in SharePoint" is disabled.

Release 1.4 - 09 Jun 2020

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.4)

UP-890Added a new functionality to open SharePoint in browser.
UP-893Resolved the issue with "Open in browser" Icon size similar to other icons.
UP-901Upgraded .Net Framework for EMO, DMO and admin portal.
UP-921Resolved an issue with unable to select O365 locations in case username and EmailID are different.

Release 1.3 - 16 Mar 2020

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.3)

UP-548Resolved an issue when uploading to DocSet using a featured location doesn't show DocSet shared properties.
UP-806Added a new functionality to enable add-ins even if SharePoint root site is not available.
UP-808Resolved User Management issues in admin portal.
UP-812Added a new functionality in admin portal for deleting a site.
UP-816Resolved an issue with hover, cursor should change to hand cursor when hovered over a clickable note.
UP-817Added a new functionality in admin portal, super user should be able to see all their users by organisation.
UP-818Resolved an issue with site column lookup's was not working.
UP-819Resolved an issue with blank add-ins for some users.
UP-820Resolved an issue with metadata was not getting saved and displaying a message that "This is a required field".
UP-821Implementation of new feature for Copy and Move of documents while uploading to SharePoint.
UP-826Resolved an issue with admin portal when trying to add user which was not found while searching but still getting "User Already Exists" error message.
UP-840Resolved an issue with the user, if he/she doesn't have access for a library or folder upload icon should be disabled.
UP-845Added a new functionality for searching with wild cards.
UP-847Resolved an issue with document set was not getting created under any child folder.
DMO-107Resolved an issue on hover/click, the file preview was not showing.
UP-831Resolved an issue to capture all the email addresses from To, cc and Bcc fields.

Release 1.2 - 18 Nov 2019

New in this Release: Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.2)


This release includes a brand new look matching Microsoft Outlook UI along with new features such as navigation, Term set in tree structure, Ability to Show/Hide and Expand/Collapse for Sites/My Pinned Location/ Featured Links and some small usability improvements

Release 1.1 - 15 July 2019

Resolved Issues: Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.1)

EMO-98Resolved an issue with the on hover, preview icon not showing.
UP-630Resolved an issue with cannot create folder in French language SharePoint using the Colligo 365 add-in
UP-621Resolved an issue with site should come from the admin portal, which is tied to the user.

Resolved an issue with Android and IOS email filling.

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