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Throughout these Release Notes, Colligo Email Manager for 365 will be referred to as Colligo Email Manager for 365.

Release 1.12 - 17 Jul 2021

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.12)

UP-1003Added a functionality for suggested filling location based on token in Subject/Body- Subject.
UP-1177 Implementation of Free trial feature.
UP-1211Implementation of to use the SharePoint site icon for SharePoint sites that are group connected.
OCDT-26Added a functionality to control suggestive filling from admin center.

Release 1.11 - 21 Jun 2021

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.11)

UP-1135Resolved an issue with large document set libraries which was showing "Something went wrong..." error message.
UP-1163Resolved "Something went wrong..." error while searching for files from home screen.
OCDT-11Added a functionality to add new custom property name in the email metadata mapping section.

Release 1.10 - 24 Apr 2021

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.10)

UP-904Resolved an issue with expiry date which was not getting saved if user enters manually while creating the organizations.
UP-996Added a functionality to tell which emails have been copied to SharePoint already by others.
UP-1004Implementation of metadata mapping for the customers with different column names.
UP-1038 UP-1081Improvements in EMO usability.
UP-1097Added a functionality to enable pining & upload for team site libraries.
UP-1108Implementation of file operations while viewing files in read mode.
UP-1109Implementation of file browsing for SharePoint sites/sub-sites and teams channel.
UP-1111Enhancements for search functionality in EMO.
UP-1139Resolved an issue to correct the error message if pinned location site is not available.
UP-1140Resolved an issue with pinned locations for team channel which was not working properly.
OCDT-12Added CCM recent users to the admin web dashboard.
OCDT-13Added a switch to enable/disable EMO file browsing.

Release 1.9 - 19 Jan 2021

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.9)

UP-1002Added functionality to analyze items and then suggest a filling location based on prior usage.
UP-1019Added a functionality to support "Sites I'm following" option for SharePoint.
UP-1034Implementation of enable pinning from "My Recently Filed Locations".
UP-1035Added a functionality in user application setting to have an option for auto file emails based on sender & add/remove tokens.
UP-1042Implementation of allowing user to confirm whether they wants to be notified about this location while filing email from this sender.
UP-1055Integration of graph APIs for the better teams navigation.
UP-1057Resolved an issue where Mails are displayed under field on metadata properties screen although user has selected only attachments.
Resolved an issue to save unique metadata when filling multiple emails.

Release 1.8 - 19 Nov 2020

Please be aware, new O365 / Azure AD permissions are required in order to enable the OneDrive and Teams functionality. End users may be un-able to enter the Colligo Add-In until those new permissions are accepted by someone with the correct approval level.

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.8)

UP-956Integrate OneDrive for Business.
UP-965Updated Separate Attachments label text to "Separate Attachments/Edit file names".
UP-978Implementation of follow-on actions once the files are uploaded to the SharePoint, including post to teams chat.

Release 1.7 - 12 Oct 2020

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.7)

UP-937Resolved an issue to attach a file using EMO add-in.
UP-958Implementation of preview changes.
UP-960Resolved an issue with seeing libraries showing as subfolders in a library.
UP-970Resolved an issue with uploading separate email attachments is hitting a loop.
UP-972Resolved an issue with create folder option which is not respecting to the document library settings.
UP-974Implementation of SSO support for EMO/DMO add-ins and admin center.
UP-976Implementation of multiple lines of text columns not working for automatic metadata extraction.
UP-985Resolved an issue with user not able to create DocSet folder in all browsers and clients.
UP-986Resolved an issue with to create DocSet in EMO although user don't have an option to create DocSet for particular library.
AN-312Resolved an issue with Create DocSet is getting displayed inside the DocSet if user navigates through my pinned locations.
AN-319Resolved an issue with the error message in EMO, DMO and CCM for the sites for which user doesn't have the access in SharePoint.

Known Issues :


On first authentication or permission acceptance sometimes the user is asked to authenticate for a second time. This is a known issue due to delays in Microsoft permissions propagation.

Release 1.6 - 24 Aug 2020

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.6)

AN-24Implementation of AAD - V2 API authentication to support MFA enabled tenants in EMO.
AN-50Updated EMO manifest file to support the app-domain and shared mailbox.
AN-94Resolved an issue with EMO on first time logon which was throwing windows sign-in error.
UP-941Resolved an issue with teams libraries which were visually indistinguishable when pinned in EMO.
UP-949Resolved an issue with title field which was not fetched by default in case of EMO.
UP-950Resolved an issue with EMO multiple emails upload which were failed to upload the metadata in SharePoint.
UP-951Resolved an issue with a term field created by clicking on "Add New" button under any parent term field which was not considered as a child and alignment was also not correct.

Release 1.5 - 29 Jun 2020

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.5)

UP-926Resolved an issue with pinned location which is not getting refreshed on first time, if user check/uncheck the show or expand in application settings.
UP-929Resolved an issue with trial users getting "Add-in Error" when launching EMO.
UP-932Resolved the blank space issue which is showing up when "Open in SharePoint" is disabled.

Release 1.4 - 09 Jun 2020

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.4)

UP-890Added a new functionality to open SharePoint in browser.
UP-893Resolved the issue with "Open in browser" Icon size similar to other icons.
UP-901Upgraded .Net Framework for EMO, DMO and admin portal.
UP-921Resolved an issue with unable to select O365 locations in case username and EmailID are different.

Release 1.3 - 16 Mar 2020

New in this Release : Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.3)

UP-548Resolved an issue when uploading to DocSet using a featured location doesn't show DocSet shared properties.
UP-806Added a new functionality to enable add-ins even if SharePoint root site is not available.
UP-808Resolved User Management issues in admin portal.
UP-812Added a new functionality in admin portal for deleting a site.
UP-816Resolved an issue with hover, cursor should change to hand cursor when hovered over a clickable note.
UP-817Added a new functionality in admin portal, super user should be able to see all their users by organisation.
UP-818Resolved an issue with site column lookup's was not working.
UP-819Resolved an issue with blank add-ins for some users.
UP-820Resolved an issue with metadata was not getting saved and displaying a message that "This is a required field".
UP-821Implementation of new feature for Copy and Move of documents while uploading to SharePoint.
UP-826Resolved an issue with admin portal when trying to add user which was not found while searching but still getting "User Already Exists" error message.
UP-840Resolved an issue with the user, if he/she doesn't have access for a library or folder upload icon should be disabled.
UP-845Added a new functionality for searching with wild cards.
UP-847Resolved an issue with document set was not getting created under any child folder.
DMO-107Resolved an issue on hover/click, the file preview was not showing.
UP-831Resolved an issue to capture all the email addresses from To, cc and Bcc fields.

Release 1.2 - 18 Nov 2019

New in this Release: Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.2)


This release includes a brand new look matching Microsoft Outlook UI along with new features such as navigation, Term set in tree structure, Ability to Show/Hide and Expand/Collapse for Sites/My Pinned Location/ Featured Links and some small usability improvements

Release 1.1 - 15 July 2019

Resolved Issues: Colligo Email Manager for 365 (build 1.1)

EMO-98Resolved an issue with the on hover, preview icon not showing.
UP-630Resolved an issue with cannot create folder in French language SharePoint using the Colligo 365 add-in
UP-621Resolved an issue with site should come from the admin portal, which is tied to the user.

Resolved an issue with Android and IOS email filling.

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