SharePoint Online HTTP 503 and 429 codes and Slow Performance

Signs that you are being Throttled

HTTP 503 return code

HTTP 429 return code

Slow synchronisation in offline products

"Start Tag" error in iOS Applications


Over the past couple of weeks (April 2020), Microsoft 365 - SharePoint Online has ramped up throttling of traffic and API requests for Tenants across the world.  
This is resulting in a “service not available error” also HTTP codes 429 and 503, which can also manifest as a start tag error in Colligo Briefcase for iOS or very slow synchronisation.

This Microsoft restriction appears to vary by tenant and geographical location and occurs more often during peak hours.

Microsoft has announced through its standard communications that it is reducing services to maintain system availability.    

Colligo recommends that customers contact their Microsoft support representative to discuss any throttling on their tenant when it is critical to business operations.

Where possible, Microsoft recommend to synchronise large amounts of content during off peak hours.

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