Release Notes : CCM


Throughout these Release Notes, Colligo Content Manager will be referred to as Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365.

Release 1.1 - 12 Oct 2020

New in this Release : Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365 (build 1.1)

AN-4Added a new functionality to open PDF, Excel and few more file types in locally registered applications.
AN-45Implementation of new feature to allow sorting simply by clicking the header of a column.
AN-219Added a message while aborting the upload operation.
AN-253Added a new feature to apply filter while viewing the site contents.
AN-254Added a new functionality to filter the search results using pre-defined refiners.
AN-271Resolved an issue with pinning of sites and subsite which were not showing in pinned locations.
AN-275Implementation of new feature to display outlook summary on CCM home page.
AN-279Resolved an issue with "404 Not Found" error when trying to open file using "Open in browser" option.
AN-311Resolved an issue with upload button was not getting displayed in CCM although user have a permission to upload.
AN-312Resolved an issue with "Create Docset" which is getting displayed inside the docset if user navigates through "My Pinned Locations".
AN-313Resolved an issue with data which is getting displayed in docset although that is not available in SharePoint.
AN-316Resolved an issue with to refresh the data when user click on clear all filter after not getting any filter data.
AN-319Resolved an issue with the error message in EMO, DMO and CCM for the sites for which user doesn't have the access in SharePoint.

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