Release Notes : CCM


Throughout these Release Notes, Colligo Content Manager may be referred to as CCM or Content Manager for Microsoft 365.

Release 1.6 - 09 Apr 2022

New in this Release : Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365 (build 1.6)

AN-598Added a functionality to open a file in app and browser through buttons.
AN-599Added a functionality to remember the last visited location so that user can switch back from chat easily.
AN-610Added a functionality to display subscription expiring notification 30 days in advance only.
(UP-1402)Added a functionality display full term name while choosing metadata.
(UP-1409)Added a functionality to set all the ‘managed favorites and pinned locations’ are expanded by default for all new users.
(OCDT-80)Added a functionality to re-arrange office 365 locations.
AN-584Resolved an issue with for the main search label which was not getting changed if user moved to home screen from any library.
AN-606Resolved an issue with filter view pane which was not getting updated according to the data displayed in window.
AN-608Resolved the issue related to files/folders which were containing special characters like ! @ # $%
AN-609Resolved "Failed to update metadata..." issue for the Importance column if user changes the value from default auto extracted to any other value.
AN-611Resolved "File upload has failed" issue in case file was having single quote (') in its name.
AN-620Resolved an issue with view columns which were getting cached/displayed unexpected after sorting.
(DMO-270)Resolved "Failed to update metadata" issue if user didn't change Yes/No required column value from the default value.
(UP-1382)Resolved "The selected location is moved, deleted or you don't have permission." issue if user was trying to upload a file in teams pinned location .

Release 1.5 - 16 Feb 2022

New in this Release : Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365 (build 1.5)

AN-407Resolved an issue with "Continue" button and user have to click twice on conflict screen.
AN-467Resolved an issue with keyword search which resets the metadata filtering.
AN-489Added a functionality to display the data in default view of document set.
AN-500Added a functionality to delete files and folders using CCM.
AN-507Resolved the issues with CCM for teams truncating items.
AN-514Make home screen changes in CCM for teams UI and Trial messages
AN-530Resolved an issue when user was trying to access any data/library/site was getting re-directed to login page.
AN-536Resolved "No Data Available" error issue when user was changing to a grouped view.
AN-537Resolved an issue with filter options when changing view from default to any other view.
AN-554Resolved an issue with content type and metadata which was not picking up correctly for document sets.
AN-582Resolved the issues related to browsing files/folders which were containing special characters in their names.
(UP-1101)Added a functionality to set a custom name for pinned locations.
(UP-1195)Added a functionality to remember previously selected content type for a location.
(UP-1361)Resolved an issue with file names which were containing French/special characters in it's name and getting replaced by space while uploading.

Release 1.4 - 17 Jul 2021

New in this Release : Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365 (build 1.4)

AN-488Resolved "No Data available" issue for document sets on using grouped view.
UP-1177Implementation of Free trial feature.

Release 1.3 - 24 Apr 2021

New in this Release : Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365 (build 1.3)

AN-420Resolved an issue with to display the team name if it is too long and align the tree properly.
AN-436Resolved an issue with to change the CCM theme to dark mode.
AN-438Added a functionality to preview the document content in CCM.
AN-441Enhancements for teams usability.

Release 1.2 - 18 Feb 2021

Please be aware, new O365/Azure AD permissions are required in order to enable the OneDrive and Teams functionality. End users may be un-able to enter the Colligo Add-In until those new permissions are accepted by someone with the correct approval level. 

If you face any issues while accepting the admin consent please use the below link for the same-

Give Admin Consent

New in this Release : Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365 (build 1.2)

AN-17Implementation of quicker navigation to teams SharePoint -direct to channel/general locations.
AN-44Added a new functionality to Support Group By in SharePoint Views.
AN-262Integration of OneDrive for Business with Colligo Content Manager.
Added a functionality to allow filters on search results and search the records once filter is applied.
AN-340Resolved an issue with Content Type Column is not populating in CCM View Filter.
AN-351Added a new functionality to attach the files from CCM in the compose mode.

Release 1.1 - 12 Oct 2020

New in this Release : Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft 365 (build 1.1)

AN-4Added a new functionality to open PDF, Excel and few more file types in locally registered applications.
AN-45Implementation of new feature to allow sorting simply by clicking the header of a column.
AN-219Added a message while aborting the upload operation.
AN-253Added a new feature to apply filter while viewing the site contents.
AN-254Added a new functionality to filter the search results using pre-defined refiners.
AN-271Resolved an issue with pinning of sites and subsite which were not showing in pinned locations.
AN-275Implementation of new feature to display outlook summary on CCM home page.
AN-279Resolved an issue with "404 Not Found" error when trying to open file using "Open in browser" option.
AN-311Resolved an issue with upload button was not getting displayed in CCM although user have a permission to upload.
AN-312Resolved an issue with "Create Docset" which is getting displayed inside the docset if user navigates through "My Pinned Locations".
AN-313Resolved an issue with data which is getting displayed in docset although that is not available in SharePoint.
AN-316Resolved an issue with to refresh the data when user click on clear all filter after not getting any filter data.
AN-319Resolved an issue with the error message in EMO, DMO and CCM for the sites for which user doesn't have the access in SharePoint.

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