Outlook Client is stuck on Loading Email Manager message

Specifically on Outlook desktop client versions, when using the Colligo add-ins, after a Colligo side software system upgrade a number of users reported being stuck 'loading' the add-in due to the Microsoft caching mechanism. The solution is to clear the cache.

Issue and Resolution

Identification of the problem

  • If your Outlook desktop client faces a continuous Loading Colligo Email Manager…  message on sign-in as in the screen shot


Explanation of the Problem

  • Microsoft are caching pages client side that cause this and their current recommended solutions is to clear the client side cache. 


Microsoft have published a document covering how to resolve this issue.


Please follow the instructions in the link above

On Windows for quick reference:

  • The Microsoft cache is located on the client machine %LOCALAPPDATA%\Microsoft\Office\16.0\Wef folder. 

    Please clear the client-side cookie/cache from the machine and try again if still an issue please open as Support ticket.


    1. Clear the Outlook cache by removing the files from below location - 


    2. Clear office cache by removing the files from below location - 



    3. Clear the cache and cookies from your edge/ web browser as well.

If your users still have an issue after following this process then please create a support case for further investigation

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