Colligo Email Manager for Outlook

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28-Nov-20228.1.4.4571EXERelease Notes


Previous Versions

Note: If you install versions 8.0.7 - 8.1.3, upgrading to Colligo Email Manager from versions 5, 6, and 7 is automatic and is initiated the first time the application is launched.

During the upgrade, configuration settings will be migrated from your older version to version 8. For more information, including how to prevent automatic migration, refer to the knowledge base article Colligo Email Manager Upgrade Information.

UpdatedBuildDownloadRelease Notes
10-Jan-20228.1.4.4383EXERelease Notes
10-Jun-20208.1.4.3853EXERelease Notes
30-Apr-20198.1.4.3506EXERelease Notes
08-Nov-20188.1.3.3288EXERelease Notes
18-Oct-20188.1.2.3251EXERelease Notes
28-Sep-20188.1.1.3208EXERelease Notes
15-Jun-20188.1.0.2997EXERelease Notes
10-Apr-20188.0.9.2789EXERelease Notes
06-Mar-20188.0.8.2718EXERelease Notes
09-Feb-20188.0.7.2627EXERelease Notes
08-Dec-20178.0.6.2503EXERelease Notes
20-Oct-20178.0.6.2372EXERelease Notes
03-May-20178.0.5.2084EXERelease Notes
02-Feb-20178.0.3.1885EXERelease Notes
16-Nov-20168.0.2.1698EXERelease Notes
22-Aug-20168.0.1.1456EXERelease Notes
14-Jun-20168.0.0.1235EXERelease Notes
13-Jun-20168.0.0.1199EXERelease Notes

If you need an MSI file for Colligo Email Manager for Outlook, click here.

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