Colligo Professional Services

Ensure your project’s success with Colligo’s Professional Services. Standard and custom packages give you the skills and resources you need to effectively evaluate, deploy, and manage Colligo’s complete solution for mobile collaboration and content management.

Our team of ECM, SharePoint, and mobility experts has the experience and knowledge to ensure that your Colligo solution meets your business needs without placing any overhead on your end users, to ensure smooth adoption and the highest possible ROI.

When looking into purchasing software and gaining the maximum ROI, a fast and thorough evaluation of the product will give your project the start you need. Engaging with our technical consultants we will have the software set up and ready for you to evaluate within your environment.We will configure the software specifically to meet your needs, and show you how it will improve your business processes on a day to day basis. The deployment of software within an organization always poses challenges. Colligo offers a unique service that will allow for a successful deployment not only of software, but also of business change.By understanding which problems your business needs to address, our Business Technology Consultants will configure and deploy Colligo solutions to ensure that you maximize the return on your purchase.
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Facilitate a successful and professionally-managed pilot to ensure that our solutions will solve your specific business challenges. Our team of experts will work with your organization to define planning requirements and outline commitments from both sides.Together, we’ll manage your pilot from requirements capture to customization, and deployment activities though to user acceptance testing and sign off. Let our team guarantee your post-deployment success. With business change and project management experience encompassing thousands of SharePoint deployments, we can facilitate your success, from initial planning, through internal marketing and communication activities, to deployment and “business as usual”.Our Starter Success package makes the most of your SharePoint and Colligo investment, so you can begin realizing returns right away.
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