Configuration Settings: Email Manager for Outlook 6.x

Most configuration settings can be applied during installation using the MSI installer or after installation by adding a registry key or by modifying an existing one. Some configuration settings can only be applied using one of these methods.

Details on applying a configuration setting can be found in the article How to apply a Configuration Setting.

Registry keys are located either in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or in HKEY_CURRENT_USER, with a base location as follows:

32-bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Colligo\Contributor\
64-bit: HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Colligo\Contributor\
32 or 64 bit: HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Colligo\Contributor\


  1. If the Registry Key is not present in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE or HKEY_CURRENT_USER, one should be created in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE.
  2. If the Registry Key is present in both locations, the value used is the one specified in the Configuration Setting article under Registry Root Key Priority.

Configuration settings available for Email Manager for Outlook 6.x are listed in the tables below.


Setting name (click for details) MSI name Registry key Default value
Administrative Site URL ADMIN_SITE_URL AdministrativeSiteUrl  
Close upload dialog when done   EmailManager\DefaultCloseUploadDialogWhenDone 1
Default Email Address Extraction EXTRACT_SMPT_EMAIL_ADDRESSES_ONLY ExtractSmtpEmailAddressesOnly 1
Default Mark as Filed in SharePoint DEFAULT_MARK_AS_FILED_IN_SHAREPOINT EmailManager\DefaultMarkAsFiledInSharePoint 1
Default versioning behavior DEFAULT_VERSIONING_BEHAVIOR EmailManager\DefaultVersioningBehavior 0 (Major)
Detecting Connectivity CONNECTIVITY_CHECK_TIMEOUT ConnectivityCheckTimeout 5000
Disable Email Manager PST OUTLOOK_FOLDER_OPTION EmailManager\OutlookFolderOption 1
Disable multi-select feature in metadata editor ENABLE_MULTI_SELECT EnableMultiSelectkey 1
Disable Set as Offline NO_OFFLINE_LOCATIONS Colligo\Contributor\NoOfflineLocations 1
Enable Analytics ENABLE_ANALYTICS EnableAnalytics 1
Enable check for updates ENABLE_CHECK_FOR_UPDATES EmailManager\EnableCheckForUpdates 1
Enable install license key ENABLE_INSTALL_LICENSE_KEY EmailManager\EnableInstallLicenseKey 1
Enable metadata prompt ENABLE_METADATA_PROMPT EmailManager\EnableMetadataPrompt 1
Enable metadata type external field ENABLE_METADATA_TYPE_EXTERNAL_FIELD EmailManager\EnableMetadataTypeExternalField 1
Favorites depth FAVORITES_DEPTH EmailManager\FavoritesDepth 10
Filename Format MSG_FILENAME_FORMAT MsgFileNameFormat {0}_{1:ddMMMyy HH.mm.ss}_{2}
Filename Max Length MSG_FILENAME_MAX_LEN MsgFilenameMaxLen 85
Hidden metadata fields HIDDEN_METADATA_FIELDS EmailManager\HiddenMetadataFields  
History depth HISTORY_DEPTH EmailManager\HistoryDepth 10
Installation Path   InstallationDir C:Program Files
License Key LICENSE_KEY LicenseKey6.0  
Mark as filed category name MARK_AS_FILED_CATEGORY_NAME EmailManager\MarkAsFiledCategoryName Copied to SharePoint.
Navigation folders URL NAVIGATION_FOLDERS_URL EmailManager\NavigationFoldersUrl  
Notify items in Recovered Items NOTIFY_ITEMS_IN_RECOVERED_ITEMS EmailManager\NotifyItemsInRecoveredItems 1
Refresh taxonomy on each upload REFRESH_TAXONOMY_CACHE_ON_EACH_UPLOAD EmailManager\RefreshTaxonomyCacheOnEachUpload 1
Root folder name ROOT_FOLDER_NAME EmailManager\RootFolderName  
Sharepoint Online Domain   SharePointOnlineDomain sharepoint.com
Show cannot move folders SHOW_CANNOT_MOVE_FOLDERS EmailManager\ShowCannotMoveFolders 1
Show long display paths for upload locations SHOW_LONG_DISPLAY_PATHS_FOR_UPLOAD_LOCATIONS EmailManager\ShowLongDisplayPathsForUploadLocations 1
Show Offline Location Dialog   EmailManager\ShowCacheDialog 1
Show Setup wizard SHOW_SETUP_WIZARD EmailManager\ShowSetupWizard 1
Silent install for Online/Connected mode EMAIL_MANAGER_ENABLE_ONLINE_MODE   1
Storage Root STORAGE_ROOT StorageRoot %UserProfile%\Local Settings\Application Data\ColligoOfflineClient\Storage5


Setting name (click for details) MSI name Registry key Default value
Activation Email SILENT_ACTIVATION_EMAIL Activation\Email N/A
Activation Organization SILENT_ACTIVATION_ORGANIZATION Activation\Organization N/A 
Activation User Name SILENT_ACTIVATION_USER_NAME Activation\UserName N/A 
Silent Activation SILENT_ACTIVATION Activation\EnableActivation 1


Setting name (click for details) MSI name Registry key Default value
ADFS   Authentication\Adfs\<DisplayNameInUI> N/A


Setting name (click for details) MSI name Registry key Default value
Display Favorites in Launchpad   EmailManager\DisplayFavoritesInLaunchpad 1
Enable Launchpad ENABLE_LAUNCHPAD EmailManager\EnableLaunchpad 1
Enable Launchpad configuration changes   EmailManager\EnableLaunchpadConfigurationChanges 1
Prevent Colligo Administrator Launchpad Push SKIP_ADMINISTRATOR_LAUNCHPAD EmailManager\SkipAdministratorLaunchpad 0


Setting name (click for details) MSI name Registry key Default value
Change Log Setting LOG_LEVEL_CHANGE_ALLOWED LogLevelChangeAllowed 1
Log Level setting LOG_LEVEL LogLevel 0

Move and Copy Behavior

Setting name (click for details) MSI name Registry key Default value
Force move on Drag-and-Drop FORCE_MOVE_ON_DRAG_AND_DROP EmailManager\ForceMoveOnDragAndDrop 0
Force move on Send & File FORCE_MOVE_ON_SEND_PLUS_FILE EmailManager\ForceMoveOnSendPlusFile 0
Default Drag-and-Drop Behavior MOVE_ON_DRAG_AND_DROP EmailManager\MoveOnDragAndDrop 0
Default Send & File Behavior MOVE_ON_SEND_PLUS_FILE EmailManager\MoveOnSendPlusFile 0


Setting name (click for details) MSI name Registry key Default value
Enable Outlook Search SEARCH_ENABLE_OUTLOOK_SEARCH EmailManager\Search\EnableOutlookSearch 0
Enable Search all mail items   EmailManager\Search\EnableSearchAllMailItems 0
Outlook Search pane dock position SEARCH_OUTLOOK_PANE_DOCK_POSITION EmailManager\Search\OutlookPaneDockPosition 2
Outlook Search pane height SEARCH_OUTLOOK_PANE_HEIGHT EmailManager\Search\OutlookPaneHeight 590
Outlook Search pane visible SEARCH_OUTLOOK_PANE_VISIBLE EmailManager\Search\OutlookPaneVisible 1
Outlook Search pane width SEARCH_OUTLOOK_PANE_WIDTH EmailManager\Search\OutlookPaneWidth 300
Outlook search result limit SEARCH_OUTLOOK_LIMIT EmailManager\Search\OutlookLimit 200
Overriding search syntax version QUERY_SYNTAX_VERSION_OVERRIDE EmailManager\Search\QuerySyntaxVersionOverride  
Search file filter   EmailManager\Search\SearchFileFilter 0
Search mode SEARCH_MODE EmailManager\Search\SearchMode 1
SharePoint search result limit SEARCH_SHAREPOINT_LIMIT EmailManager\Search\SharepointLimit 200


Setting name (click for details) MSI name Registry key Default value
Enable Download Lookup Lists ENABLE_DOWNLOAD_LOOKUP_LISTS Briefcase\Synchronization\DownloadDependentLists 1
Enable Periodic Sync PERIODIC_SYNC_ENABLED Briefcase\Synchronization\PeriodicSyncEnabled 1
Maximum Upload File Size MAX_UPLOAD_FILE_SIZE Briefcase\Synchronization\MaxUploadFileSize -1
Periodic Sync Interval PERIODIC_SYNC_INTERVAL Briefcase\Synchronization\PeriodicSyncInterval 30
Periodic Sync Interval Radius PERIODIC_SYNC_INTERVAL_RADIUS Briefcase\Synchronization\PeriodicSyncIntervalRadius 0
Sync on Change SYNC_ON_CHANGE Briefcase\Synchronization\SyncOnChange 1
Sync on Navigate SYNC_ON_NAVIGATE Briefcase\Synchronization\SyncOnNavigate 1
Sync on Startup SYNC_ON_STARTUP Briefcase\Synchronization\SyncOnStartup 1
Sync on Version Control   Briefcase\Synchronization\SyncOnVersionControl 1

URL Locations

Setting name (click for details) MSI name Registry key Default value
Favorites URL FAVORITES_URL EmailManager\FavoritesUrl  
Root Folder URL ROOT_FOLDER_URL EmailManager\RootFolderUrl  

User Interface

Setting name (click for details) MSI name Registry key Default value
Save Last Used Content Type CACHE_DEFAULT_METADATA_TYPES EmailManager\CacheDefaultContentTypes 1

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