Colligo Briefcase won't launch?


We've deployed the Colligo Briefcase app via our Mac server (profile manager) to an ipad. On a new install, the app requests an iTunes username and password as I'd expect. Whatever account I enter here, the app will not launch. When I then check to see if the app is running (double click the home button), Briefcase is running in the background but clicking on the app to get focus causes the ipad to drop to the home screen. I can kill the app but it never ever launches. I'm on iOS 9.3.3.



Hi Andrew, 

Could you please provide more information on the specific profile manger you are using? If you try installing the app on the iPad without the deployment tool, are you still seeing the same issue?

HI - I've got the same issue.  I'm able to use it from my mac, but I can't get the folder to open in finder.  I can see the site I'm trying to access (in the preferences - there are 2, one form the Console and the other form the Sharepoint URL), the synch issues is blank so nothing wrong there, but the synch never seems to stop and the folder never opens in finder when I click on it.

Any ideas?

PS - I've updated Fuse.  it works on iMac, but not working on Mac Book Air.

Hi Angus,

Are you trying to access the same site via console and via manual entry? When you put in the address, please try putting the direct path to the site, library, or folder. Generally speaking these addresses do not end in .aspx

For example, to access a subsite titled ts which resides in your site collection: - is incorrect. - would be the address you would want to use.



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