uploaded documents don't appear in sharepoint


we are using the newest Colligo engage 7.6 U6 with office 365 SharePoint.

We have an issue uploading documents or emails with the outlook plugin as well as the engage client software. The attached mail or document is shown, we can choose our necessary fields and click on upload. It says in the text the file is copied to the SharePoint.

But this is not gonna happen. The file is 'successfully' uploaded although no content was uploaded to our O365 SharePoint.

Windows-Firewall already turned off.

What's the matter?

Thanks in advance,

Hi Patrick,

As you are able to retrieve and populate the SharePoint field information and initiate the upload, it sounds like the upload is being blocked.

I would recommend checking any other security software such as anti-virus or proxies that could be at play here as a start.

If you could also provide a copy of your logs, I can review them for any other potential causes. These can be located in the Event Viewer under Applications and Services Logs >  Colligo


Hi Joan,

thanks for your hints. We disabled the anti Virus but the issue is still the same. We can see it in the logs as well. I exported the eventvwr, how can I send it to you? It's not possible to upload the evtx file here.


Hi Patrick,

I know it's a bit cumbersome, but if you are able to copy and paste the contents from the log into this post, I can take a look.

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