Reinstall Trial Version on Windows 10

I'm trying to reinstall Colligo Email Manager for Outlook in my PC Windows 10 and it doesn´t work. I uninstalled the trial version and I don't know if there is any hidden file that don't allow me to reinstall it.

The the first installation I got a folder in Outlook and a tab with Colligo menu. Now I just get a tab with a small part of the menu and it doesn't work.

What must I do to uninstall all the files allowing me to reinstall it ?

Thanks for your support.


There shouldn't be any hidden files - if you ran the uninstall from the Control Panel, that's all you need to do to uninstall the app. 

As for when it was installed and when it didn't work... Are there any screenshots you can share? Did you log in to the Console through Outlook?  It doesn't sound like this is an installation issue although posting screenshots describing the issue might help. 

Thanks Bernard,

I uninstalled again and reinstalled it.

What I get is in the screenshots bellow. I click on the login and nothing happens.


I tried to activate Colligo Add-in after open Outlook as Administrator and the add-in don't remain with the box checked. 

I suppose there is some program active not allowing Colligo add-in activation

Hi Vitor, 

Does an authentication dialog appear after clicking on login? Could you please navigate to C:\Users\*username*\AppData\Local\Colligo\Engage\OutlookLogs and attach the log file to your response in this post?

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