upload problem from outlook


We are using colligo free license for 5 accounts and we have installed the outlook plugin. But we can't upload any mail to SharePoint.

Is there a reason why?

The license plan we are using is basic.

Hi Lauren,

Were you able to add the site with no issues? Can you please provide us with your log file? 

Please refer to this directory for your log files: 





Here is the log file:

The problem is, I can see the OK button, but it is greyed out.


Hi Lauren, 

The log files didn't seem to record anything of the upload. Would it be possible for you to reproduce the behaviour and resend the log file? 

Also, what SharePoint permissions do the users possess (contribute, read only, etc...)?

There is no record of the upload.

I have full access on the sharepoint site.

Hi Lauren, 

Are you the only user experiencing this issue? Are the other 4 users able to upload emails with no issues? Would it be possible to provide me with your email so that I can contact you to investigate this further?

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