Disk not mounting

After upgrading to 10.12.2 the Engage disk is not mounting. I have uninstalled and installed, updated FUSE, the disk never mounts. Content is synced to ..Library/Application Support/Colligo Briefcase/Colligo Briefcase/files so I can see all the files but no access via the disk object.

cd /Volumes/Engage/

ls -lsa

total 0

0 drwxr-xr-x+ 2 nm485  I04\Domain Users   68 Dec 14 16:05 .

0 drwxr-xr-x@ 4 root   wheel             136 Dec 14 16:05 ..

Hi Bent,

How did you uninstall Briefcase? Briefcase has its own uninstaller. Dragging the application to the Trash Bin will not properly uninstall the application. The uninstaller resides in ../UserName/Library/Application Support/Colligo Briefcase Uninstaller

What version of FUSE do you have installed and what is the release version of Briefcase you are trying to install?



Yes, I used the uninstaller. And yes I used the lastest version of FUSE 3.5.4 and Colligo Briefcase 7.2.1. Why do you mount the files as a disk image, why not just like a folder like Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud Drive, Creative Cloud? I never have problem with sync with these, only with Colligo disk image mounting.

Hi Bent,

Can we try a process here for a clean install:

1. Uninstall Briefcase

2. Uninstall FUSE

3. Remove FUSE Preference Pane

4. Reboot Computer

5. Reinstall FUSE

6. Reinstall Briefcase, if the drive still does not mount,

7. Reboot Computer and see if Engage mounts

As to why do we mount as a drive rather than a folder, it is a limitation of FUSE. Our development team is currently working on a solution that will no longer rely on FUSE, but I do not yet have a time line on that.



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