Can't open Adobe products on Mac

Error when trying to open an adobe file on mac computer from Briefcase. Window says "You may not have permission or the document may be open already"

Hi Madelyn,

Can you confirm for me if it is only InDesign files that have this error, or are there other files that have this error? Can you please provide which version of InDesign you are using?

Unfortunately there is a problem with our client that doesn't recognize INDD files which is causing the error that you are seeing. This is an issue that we are aware of, the cause has been identified, and the fix is in the works.  If you could provide the information to my previous questions, it will help us make sure this doesn't appear again in the future.



It is an Indesign file and I am using Build. That would make sense because I haven't had this issue with any Illustrator or Photoshop files. 

My computer is a 10.11.6 Macbook running on OS X El Capitan

Please keep me updated, we would like to continue using this program, but want to make sure it works completely since we're searching for a final solution.

Thanks, Maddie

Thanks Maddie,

I will definitely keep you in the loop as to when that fix is available.



Hello Kyle,

Do you have an update on the status of this InDesign fix?


Hi Maddie,

We're in preliminary testing phases of our early development build. I still don't have a projected date for you.


Hi Maddie,

I apologize for the delay, but if you haven't already, our newest release should have support for InDesign now.

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