Install of windows client version 64 bit does not work

On the download page I’ve chosen the latest version of Colligo Briefcase, version and 64-bit EXE install (64-bit Windows 10 system in use). I install it and restart the computer as the dialogue says I should. 

But no icon is added to the start-menu or the desktop. Searching for Colligo in the menu gives nothing. Going to the C:/Program Files I do find the “Colligo Networks/Colligo” folder. Trying to start the CFS.exe file however results in an error message (attached) saying my licence is not valid. But the installation itself accepted the licence and I've double checked it with the one you've provided.

Hi Gustav,

I am looking into this. I will get back to you as soon as I have information.


Can you try something for me please Gustav,

Instead of copy pasting the key, can you please try typing it into the installer?

Did try that when I installed it. The installer accepts the key - I've intentionally tried to entered a wrong key at the installation as well and that did prevent the software from installing. /G

Can we try a clean reinstall?

Step 1: Uninstall Email Manager for Outlook

Go to Control Panel -> Programs -> Uninstall (all Colligo Products).Reboot.

Step 2: Clean up Mail Profile

Open Control Panel -> User Accounts (&Family Safety) -> Mail 
Click Data Files…if there is a Colligo Email Manager for Outlook file select it and click Open File Location. 
Leave this Explorer window open.
Back in the Mail applet, Remove the Colligo Email Manager for Outlook file.

Step 3: Clean up File System

In the previously opened Explorer window (you should be in path similar to: C:\\AppData\Local\Colligo), go to the parent folder (..\Local\..) and delete all Colligo Folders.

Delete the following:
any Colligo folders under C:\Program Files\
any Colligo folders under C:\Program Files (x86)\
any Colligo folders under C:\ ProgramData\

Step 4: Clean up Registry

Open Registry Editor.Find and delete these keys if they exist:

Step 5: Reboot
(not strictly necessary) 
Step 6: Re-Install

Create a location on your local drive to run the install (eg. C:\ColligoInstall). A local path is not strictly necessary but mitigates any issues with installing from a non-trusted location
Download the latest installer for Colligo from here. You may need to reboot post-install.

Just tried it. Had keys in HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Wow6432Node\Colligo and made sure to delete them before the Re-Install.

Sorry to say it's still not working. I see the exact same behaviour as described in the first post.

Regards Gustav

Can you please email a copy of your log file to kjung[at]

To get your log file, please go Start Menu > Event Viewer > Application and Services Logs > Colligo > Save All Events As... (in the right hand side bar).


Hi Gustav,

I'm getting another licence key sent out to you. There might be a problem with the first key. Please let me know if the new key solves the issue.


I see you've gotten in touch with Kelly. I'll go ahead and lock this thread.