SharePoint list, add the attachment, and add located location


I have some question about the app. ios.

when I use SharePoint list, if I need to add the attachment I can't add it from list item, only add from the main list and then chose the item,

also, I need to add located location there is no options for that. 

To add an attachment, you are correct in saying the add button only shows in the List View, not the Item View. I apologize but that is currently operating as designed.

Can you please elaborate what you mean by a located location?

I mean (Modified coordinate location)

I'm sorry, are you referring to a column within your list? Or you have a specific location you are trying to add?

Can you elaborate how you would obtain this information that you need to put into your list item? Is it an attachment or a value?

I use (SharePlus) app. when I modified the item, there are options to add a value of coordinate location.

Is it available in Colligo this functions? 

Geolocation currently is not supported in Colligo. But I have taken this as a suggestion to our product team. Thanks!

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