Error when uploading to a document set

Whenever I try to upload to a document set outlook crashes and must restart. Initially thought this was my custom document set content type, but also tried with the out of the box document set content type and the same happens.


  • Windows 10
  • SharePoint Online
  • Outlook 2013
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Hi Andrew,

I apologize for the roundabout way we went to get to that. That was what I was trying to validate when I was getting you to check your Library settings. We are aware of the issue with DocSet handling and yes, having no selectable content types at the library level will cause Colligo to crash. This is due to Colligo currently treating DocSets as a folder instead of a Content Type.

We are working on improving this, but currently we are unable to support DocSets without a selectable content type at the library level. I have forwarded your case on to the Product team.



I created a new list and site and could reproduce (and fix) the issue when no document content types were set to visible (but were available) on the document library. But still couldn't get it to work on the existing site.

After some troubleshooting, I managed to get it to work by removing and re-adding the site as suggest (and also then forcing the sync on the list level, but not sure if it were required).

So it seems that there might be an issue where Outlook will crash if no Document Content types are available to pick from the list? Colligo doesn't appear to pick the available content types based on what Content Type the Document Set is?

In my case I don't want users to add files to the first level of the site directly, they need to be added to a Document Set, which is why no document content types are set as visible on the document library level. Instead this is being controlled by the Document Set properties which define the available Content Types for the document set. This is important, because there could be different kinds of Document Sets available on a library, and depending on which content type the document set is, different content types may be available.

It seems like Colligo is not pulling down your metadata fields. It has been suggested that you remove and add back the site to see if this helps. That step is right click on the site and remove it, then add the site back from the Ribbon.

To go one step further in ensuring there's no corrupt data in the background, you could also try removing the ColligoEngage.pst and data.db from the Engage folder where you find the OutlookLogs. If you are to do this, please make sure that Outlook is closed first.

New logs attached.


Additionally, if you have enabled Document, please run a full sync via Colligo (either by the button in the ribbon or right clicking on the site and selecting Synchronize)

Can you send me the new log file from when trying to upload to the OOTB DocSet?

And in the screenshot when you show added content types, Document is not set to Visible on New, only Document Set and Case Documents.

As a troubleshooting step, can you please enable the OOTB Document type on new and see if it crashes?

A dialog box shows (see attached), then it crashes. I have 2 different document sets, 1 with the OOTB Document Set CT (Test Case) and the other with my custom one (Case A). It happens with either.

Please find attached a screenshot of the Content Types site columns.

Is it crashing as you drag-and-drop the email? Or is it after the MetaData popup?

And for your custom DocSet, are you able to screenshot the column setup?

Initially yes. But I thought it might be that so I added a couple of document types and set them to not available from the new menu. Now there are 2 different document set types and 2 different document types available on that list.

Are DocSets the only available content type in your library?


Nothing in the event logs. But have attached the outlook log.



Would you be able to upload logs for Colligo?

Event Viewer -> Application and Services Logs -> Colligo

Also, could you attach the logs located in %localappdata\Colligo\Engage\OutlookLogs


I'm using version


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