Sharepoint SSRS Reports

We use SSRS on our Sharepoint site for mobile reporting.  We can make SSRS RDL files viewable by selecting the report information icon for the individual report, then selecting 'open in Sharepoint'.

The issue is that if the report requires scrolling down on the iPad, you cannot scroll down in the Briefcase Browser window.

I am looking at this as the mobile Sharepoint platform for about 25 of our employees, but without the ability to scroll down in reports, it would not be functional for us.

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Hi Jason

Our briefcase doesn't support RDL file rendering. In your case, one of the way to do it is to schedule a batch report export task (which convert RDL to PDF) that point to a SharePoint directory. Afterward, you can setup a link in our console to point to that SharePoint directory, so these reports will automatically push and available to your staff to view daily.

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