Configuring SharePoint for email metadata

Hi.  Is there an updated document for Configuring SharePoint for email metadata for the latest version of Office 365?  The Admin Guide seems to be outdated.  I am trying to set up Briefcase for Mac.

Many thanks in advance.


Hi Shaun,

We are aware that some of our documents are out of date. However we have a release pending that will be coming with updated documentation.

Is there a specific issue you are running into trying to set up the email metadata extract?


Hi Kyle. Apologies for the delay. The latest version of Office 365 SharePoint has very different menu options so I am struggling to even get started. Thanks for your help. Shaun

Hi Shaun,

So if I am understanding you correctly, you are looking to setup the email metadata type columns in Sharepoint?

I can point you to the following article which has Sharepoint Templates on the bottom. the 2013 Template should work for O365. This will be a template for a library that has all the required columns for email Meta data mapping.


Thanks Kyle. I will give it a try.
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