Colligo Briefcase for Mac 7.5

Colligo Briefcase for Mac 7.5 is now available.

This release does not require FUSE and is integrated with Finder Sync (files now reside in the Briefcase Folder, not in a separate Engage Drive). Adobe InDesign and AutoCAD files are now supported and administrators can now set local Storage Limits. This release can be installed as a standard user or as an administrator user and supports silent installation/uninstallation.

This release also includes application behavior changes: when dragging and dropping a file to the Briefcase Folder, the new default behavior will be "Move" (previously "Copy"). Additionally, when sites are pinned to a group or pinned as a location in Console, site content will be pushed down only to users with the Control Group policy applied – other users must select locations for local syncing in the Preferences tab.

For details on these and other included updates, please see the Release Notes.

This release is available to all customers with an active Colligo Console account and is recommended for all users. Please download this release here.

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This release comes with an updated User Guide and a brand new Installation Guide.

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