Colligo Email Manager for Outlook 8.0.6 is now available.

This release is packed with new features, changes, and resolved issues and includes a change to the System RequirementsThis release also contains some changes in behavior:

   * The email metadata UTC fields (Sent-UTC, Received-UTC) are no longer mapped. For questions regarding this change, please contact Colligo Support.

   * When the SharePoint List View or List View Lookup thresholds are exceeded, Email Manager for Outlook no longer shows files or folders at the location. 

For details on all the included updates, please see the Release Notes.  

Colligo Email Manager for Outlook should be installed over-the-top of an existing instance. Configuration and Cache will remain unchanged. This release of Colligo Email Manager should not be installed over version 7 (Colligo Engage) and earlier releases. Previous releases with starting version number 7 and below should be uninstalled first.

This release is available to all customers with an active Colligo Console account and is recommended for all users. Please download this release here.


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