Displaying wrong Date

Hello, I have a problem. On SharePoint, we have set up a column with a date in a library. We use the Colligo Briefcase offline app (version 7.x) for Windows to synchronize the data on SharePoint locally with our desktop pc. The column with the date is also displayed on Colligo Briefcase, but with the date of one day ago. How can I fix this?

Hi Oliver,

Can you please provide a screenshot of what you are seeing? You can blur out any file names if they are sensitive, but I would like to see the columns and headers.


Hi Kyle,

nn the left side the Sharpoint and on the right Colligo Briefcase. In the first line I changed the date manually in the Briefcase. However, the document folder now appears as a "normal" folder.


I will have to take a closer look into the date issue, but the "Regular Folder" Icon you are seeing is the Sync Status folder, which seems that you have set those locations to Offline Sync. Have you set those to Offline Sync?

In terms of the dates being "more current" on Sharepoint vs Briefcase, if you trigger a manual Sync, do the dates update?

We use Briefcase to have SharePoint files available offline. Therefore, I think that everything is set on offline snyc. I've just changed the date to the folder and after that the icon changed.

I'v also triggered a manual sync many times. Nothing changed. 

What else can i do ? 

Hi Oliver,

That date column, is it a default date column? Is it a Modified Date column or is it some other set date?


Also, I wanted to ask if there could possibly be a time zone issue here. Your Sharepoint will display the time in your server's timezone and Briefcase will show in the local timezone. Given your description I don't believe this is your issue, but I'm just pointing out a possible cause.

Hi Kyle, 

The column contains a date which must be selected manually. The SharePoint Server is in the same timezone and displays the correct time.

Are these files initially uploaded via Browser or via Briefcase?

These files are uploaded via Browser.

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