User can't connect to Colligo Server

OS: Windows 10

Colligo v8.0.5

Outlook 2016

The user is unable to do anything in Colligo. They receive the attached error message. I have tried a restart of their PC but that didn't work. This is the only user of about 50 who is having this issue.

(15.7 KB)

Hi Seth,

Do you have any proxies or firewalls that this user would be running into? We need to access using standard HTTP/HTTPS ports (80/443).


Nothing that would be blocking this for just one user. I've checked and ensure her Windows Firewall isn't on. I am able to go to that website via browser on her PC so it doesn't appear to be getting blocked. And we have no proxies.

Seth, I'm going to convert this forum post into a ticket to gather some more information from you.

Apologies, at this time it seems my internal ticket creation tool is malfunctioning.

Can you tell me which version of Colligo you have installed?

Currently we have version:

The ticket has been created. I will lock this post and correspond with you via the ticket.